U-13 Spirit of Detroit

U-13 Facts

Has recorded 23 unlimited wins Currently ranks as the second highest winning hull of all time.

One short of being tied for #1.

Was the first unlimited hydroplane to officially exceed 170 MHP lap average on a 2.5 mile course. This record was set on June 3, 1993 while qualifying on the Detroit River. It is a Detroit lap record that still stands.

Won the APBA Gold Cup 4 times:
1988 Circus Circus, 1991 Winston Eagle, 1994 Smokin’ Joe’s, 2005 Al Deeby Dodge.

The only boat to ever win the coveted Gold Cup in 3 different decades.

U-13 Specifications

In 2006 under direction of Curt Tavenner, the U-13 hull was totally rebuilt by the Detroit Unlimited Racing crew incorporating the latest safety and technological features.

Hull Structure:
Hexcel Honeycomb Aluminum.

Built by:
Jim Lucero.

Approx. 6550 lbs.



Lycoming T55-L7-C turbine rated at 2750 HP.

Fairlane Tool, Detroit, Michigan

Propeller turns 10,000 rpm and measures up to 16″ in diameter.

Top Speed:
Approaches speeds up to 200 mph.